Supertots Manager:
Missy Smith

Gym Kids USA & Rough and Tumble Manager:
Chelsea Paschall & Donald Adkins Jr.

Little Flipper Swim School Director:
Maddi Schmidt & Mae Isaac

Birthday Party Manager:
Andrea Nicoll

LaFleur’s Gym & Swim Fun Camp Manager:
Will Fechter

Boys Team Manager:
Billy West

Girls Team Manager:
Alecia Pollina

Compulsory Girls Team Manager:
Darcy Philebaum

Office Manager:
Teri Wood

Assistant Managers:  Allison Belknap & Jonetta Philebaum

LaFleur’s instructors and coaches are kid friendly, and proud to work in a safe, positive environment. Our staff goes through in-depth in house training along with being USA Gymnastics Safety Certified, First Aid and CPR Certified.