Where kids learn that … learning is FUN!

With every forward roll ending in a sit up, every backward roll ending in a push up and lots of running, hanging, swinging, climbing, balancing, etc. kids learn and get more fit while they are having fun.

Supertots is a Movement Education Program – designed to get kids to move in as many ways as possible

“The more closely we consider the elaborate interplay of brain and body,
the more clearly one compelling theme emerges:
Movement is essential to learning.
Movement awakens and activates many of our mental capacities.”
-Carla Hannaford, PhD in Neurobiology

Supertot’s creators Jeff and Julie LaFleur have been teaching preschool gymnastics for nearly 30 years. Jeff is a nationally certified K.A.T. (Kinder Accreditation for Teachers) and M.E.L.P.D. (Movement Education Lesson Plan Development) instructor for U.S.A. Gymnastics.

We know Supertots will have a positive impact on your child’s life. For more information or to schedule your class, call: 813-264-5000