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Jeff LaFleur

Jeff, the owner and operator of LT, was a full scholarship athlete at the University of Minnesota with an outstanding list of accomplishments that include:

  • Big 10 Champion

  • Two time All American

  • Conference Medal of Honor recipient in 1976.

  • Competitor in the Olympic Trials

  • Medalist in the Pan Am Games in 1979

  • Inducted into the U of M Sports Hall of Fame in 1997 and 2007

  • Majored in Physical Education & Minored in Child Psychology

Did you know....

The LaFleur family was recognized at the 2011 USA Gymnastics Business Conference for their extraordinary accomplishments, contributions, and commitment to the sport of gymnastics. Their involvement in gymnastics, which spans 4 generations of competing gymnasts, coaches, judges, and club owners, dates back to the 1930’s! 

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